How Receipt-tracking Tools Can easily Improve Your Organization

Receipt-tracking tools are being used by corporations to keep track of the goods that are bought and brought to their customers. Businesses use they to reduces costs of their treatments and reduce costs, because monitoring directly has a bearing on customer behavior. In fact , a lot of your… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Customer Relationship Management Devices

Customer relationship management, or perhaps CRM, is an important business function that allows businesses to analyze all their customer base and develop strategies for potential outreach. Client relationship operations is also known as customer support management and client relations administration. This discipline combines the management of customer interaction, measurement of… Read more »

Pros and Cons of International Collaboration Investments

“The advantages and drawbacks of an overseas partnership are very important to consider before making any investment decisions.” Advantages Of International Investments It allows both sides to invest in other countries with a view to creating a diversified economy. As globalization continually create new economic zones, there is a greater… Read more »

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Benefits|Why Merge PF Accounts

Why is it important to merge PF accounts ?

  What are the benefits of a EPF ? Tax benefits – Apart from the fact that an employee’s contribution towards an EPF account is eligible for tax exemption under Section 80C, the interest rate earned is exempt from income tax. According to experts, your EPF account continues to earn… Read more »

The Advent of Digital Storage Solution – Cloud Computing Services With Example

Introduction People born in the 1980s (and yes, pretty much proud of it) belong to a time when data storage and security were just a sub chapter or listed as a disadvantage with the kind of storage devices we had. Those were the times in schools when people had to… Read more »

Importance of Crowdsourcing-Amazon Mechanical Turk


What is Crowd Sourcing? Businesses of today spend billions of dollars to maintain their turf or domain, maintain their name or stronghold in the public eye. Companies are spending bulk of the money on recruitment, marketing, advertisements and promotions. Companies or businesses find themselves sandwiched between providing quality of products… Read more »

Traditional publishing vs Self publishing | Detailed Comparison


Getting a book published is a dream of every budding writers out there, the dream of writing a story so epic that millions of readers would buy it, love it, post reviews… which would result in a huge fan following is a not something to trifle with. However, it is… Read more »

Who is a teacher | Duties and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Who is a teacher

“Guiding Minds, Igniting Hearts: Defining the Essence of a Teacher” Teacher is an instructor, a guide, a pathfinder, a moral support, a good listener, a philosopher, and a very good ex-plainer. The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out at a school or other place of formal… Read more »