Pros and Cons of International Collaboration Investments

There are many pros and cons of international alliance. For one thing, it allows both equally sides to invest in other countries with a view to creating a diversified economy. As globalization continually create new economic zones, there is a greater need for businesses and visitors to invest in overseas… Read more »

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Benefits|Why Merge PF Accounts

How People Use Their Hard-Earned Money Most of us over here belong to the working-class, working in customer service, technical service, working as workers or teachers. We are paid monthly or daily depending on our jobs yet every time we are in doubt… or in most cases worried, as to… Read more »

The Advent of Digital Storage Solution – Cloud Computing Services With Example

Introduction People born in the 1980s (and yes, pretty much proud of it) belong to a time when data storage and security were just a sub chapter or listed as a disadvantage with the kind of storage devices we had. Those were the times in schools when people had to… Read more »

Importance of Crowdsourcing-Amazon Mechanical Turk


What is Crowd Sourcing? Businesses of today spend billions of dollars to maintain their turf or domain, maintain their name or stronghold in the public eye. Companies are spending bulk of the money on recruitment, marketing, advertisements and promotions. Companies or businesses find themselves sandwiched between providing quality of products… Read more »

Traditional publishing vs Self publishing | Detailed Comparison


Getting a book published is a dream of every budding writers out there, the dream of writing a story so epic that millions of readers would buy it, love it, post reviews… which would result in a huge fan following is a not something to trifle with. However, it is… Read more »

An article on Child Education

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Education – what is it? Training, teaching, schooling, tuition, tutoring, instruction, pedagogy, androgyny and so many versions, but real education to a child is to react or not react to the world and the surroundings. Those days when we were children, we often used to get instructions and directions from our elders to acquire or avoid… Read more »

Who is a teacher | Duties and Responsibilities of a Teacher


INTRODUCTION A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. Every child needs—and deserves—dedicated, outstanding teachers, who know their subject matter, are effectively trained, and know how to teach to high standards and to make learning come… Read more »

Free blogging or Paid blogging | Make Choice-Start Blogging

Free vs Paid Blog

Why Blogging Be it personal or business, blogging is one form of interacting with the ever-changing world of thoughts and ideas. Curious minds out there are always on a lookout for any details or information about current affairs, a new book, a new movie or a new product or service… Read more »

How To Start A Blog and Make Money Online-Be A Rich Blogger

Prerequisites Before Starting a Blog As To Guarantee Success Subject Knowledge. You must have a good knowledge on any topic or any subject which interests you a lot. Creativity and focus on writing are important. Proper formatting is always required so that your content becomes user friendly and should hit… Read more »