IOT stands for Internet Of Things. This term describes the connection established among different devices which can use internet. These devices use this connection to collect or to transfer the data.

Internet of Things is the perfect example to showcase the power of Internet.

In day to day life we usually use internet to connect our mobiles or laptops but there are thousands of devices which connect through internet and send data to make our life easier.

It is making things smarter because it provides the ability to the devices to communicate without human intervention.

In the coming years, billions of new devices will connect to the internet creating the smarter and digital world.

All the big brands and IT giants are using this concept and research is on for developing more computerized world.


Examples of IOT (Internet of Things)

  • We use GPS system in our vehicles to track the location.
  • In some countries people use sensors for home security which connect to their mobile phones using internet. These sensors close the windows and gates if there is no activity in the home for long time and keep sending the notification if any activity is sensed by it.
  • Devices which show us the current temperature and maintain the temperature are also an example of IOT.

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