Top Questions For Teaching Interview

Q.1) Please tell me about yourself?

A.1) My name is Vini Singh.

I was born and raised in Gwalior and now I am living in Delhi.
I have done post graduation in Economics from Pune.
My graduation is also from the same place.
I have also done post graduation diploma in computer application from makhanlal university Bhopal.
I am carrying an experience of 18 month as a primary teacher.
I am fond of doing some art work like handicraft and home decoration and apart from this I also like cooking.
That’s all about me sir.

Q.2) What are the qualities of a good teacher?

A.2) A good teacher should have some qualities like-
1. A good teacher should be disciplined.
For example- teacher should reach the class on time.
2. Should follow good methods of teaching.
3. Should have good patience level.
4. Should have learning attitude.

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Q.3) What is your greatest strength?

A.3) My strength is my learning attitude. And I am always eager to improve my knowledge. I try to find and implement improved methods of teaching to achieve better results.

Q.4) What is your weakness?

A.4) Looking to the criticality of work I like to make sure that my work is perfect, that’s why sometime I spend a little more time for completing it.

Q.5) How will you contribute to our school if selected?

A.5) I used to suggest various ideas to improve the teaching standard and result of school

For examples-
1. In my previous school I suggested to conduct regular meeting among
teaching staff and discuss the methods to improve the performance of student in the subject.
2. Every teacher follows different methods of teaching. During the staff meeting they all can share their teaching method and their experience about the student with each other.

Q.6) In what way will you assess and evaluate student’s performance?

1. The teacher must evaluate the student from time to time by mock test, surprise test and class test.
2. I give small refresher to the students in my every lecture by asking questions from my previous teaching.

Q.7) What is the definition of classroom management?

A.7) The term classroom management refer to the procedures, strategies and techniques which a teacher use to manage student’s behavior and learning activities. Effective classroom management creates an environment that is helpful to teaching and learning. Ineffective classroom management often creates chaos.

Q.8) How do you maintain discipline in the class?

A.8) I usually maintain discipline by

 Doing Personal interaction – Personal interaction creates the feeling of respect in students.

I try to know my students by their name and prefer to know them at a personal level so that
1. I can understand their weak points.
2. Students also feel that I care for them which creates a feeling of respect in them and they share their problems easily with me.

 Monitoring students with my physical presence –
I never like to stick myself in front of the classroom therefore I prefer to move around the classroom continuously, make frequent eye contact and smile with students.

Q.9) Why did you choose teaching profession?

A.9) My love for learning makes me passionate about teaching because teaching is a lifetime learning process and it is also a respectful profession. I am always eager to make a difference by my teaching because a teacher is considered as a leader and a mentor.


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