Subtract or Add Operation On Current DateTime in Javascript

This blog will show you how to manipulate current date by adding or subtracting time. it will also show you how to manipulate any custom date or the current date. You can add or delete any number of days from the current date. //——– To add any number of hours… Read more »

Change Date Time Format in Javascript In Any Desired Format

This blog will show you how to customize date and time through javascript in different formats. To check any condition, I have used javascript ternary operator instead of IF statement that takes three operands: a condition followed by a question mark ( ? ), then an expression to execute if the condition is… Read more »

Select Box Dynamic Dependent DropDown List | PHP MYSQL AJAX

WHAT THIS BLOG ACTUALLY INCLUDES In this blog I am creating three dynamic and dependent select boxes.These select boxes option list are dependent on each other. If the user selects any option from 1st list then the second list gets populated.Likewise, when the user selects the option from the second… Read more »

Call Soap Api with PHP SoapClient and Curl – Parse XML

INDEX OF THIS BLOG List of Important Terms Used To implement Soap API. Explanation of each term for better understanding. Real Example of calling Soap API using PHP SoapClient. Real Example of calling Soap API using PHP and Curl. How to test Soap API using tools like POSTMAN and SOAPUI…. Read more »

Load Dynamic Content Bootstrap Modal PopUp-Ajax Php Mysql

In this tutorial you will see the dynamic bootstrap modal popup loading dynamic content through MYSQL database. First create a table named Post in your MYSQL database and add these fields:- id post_title created_date author_name description and then add some records in the table. Now We need to create three… Read more »

Add remove multiple input fields dynamically with jquery

Key Points This application will give you two dynamically associated input fields side by side with add and remove button.In first field give the name and in the second field give its value. Dynamic names for each input field using array so that dynamic input field values can be captured… Read more »