An article on Child Education

Education – what is it?

Training, teaching, schooling, tuition, tutoring, instruction, pedagogy, androgyny and so many versions, but real education to a child is to react or not react to the world and the surroundings.

Those days when we were children, we often used to get instructions and directions from our elders to acquire or avoid some sorts of discussions, scenes, or even some arguments.

In schools, teachers were so friendly that we used to share our feelings and take their advises and believed them more than our parents, because as students we needed some kind of attention and self respect.

Yes, here we are- attention –self respect, these are the words each and every single person, whether kid or grown up, needs as their self identity.

Everybody is not a good student or scholar, but everyone has an identity of their own, some may have good sportsman spirit, some may have good singing ability, some are born leaders, some are poets, speakers, some have teaching ability too in this age.

Each one of us has an in born right to stand and believe, and to initiate their qualities. And teachers in those days were always in search of these talents and they were the pioneers to provide the stepping stone for the children.

When I talk about ‘Child education’, this identification and attention, both are very much essential for the formal education. Each child is special and has different identity, teacher must recognize them and patronize the same time to time.

What happens now in most schools, as a trainer and facilitator I feel the whole system is targeting towards the academics and curriculum to finish, and teachers are hell bent to just follow the so called system. There can be more involvement in training the small kids to discover their potential, their talents and simple way to recognize their own self.

Most of the time it happens that kids don’t know their true color and they just swim towards the stream, they are mere kids and they sometimes underestimate themselves. Usually as parents (few of us) we are failing now-a-days to observe and cultivate our own child’s talent and administer the proper way for them to grow and increment their expertise.


Today’s parents are busy, I agree, but as guardians they have their responsibilities towards their own kids, thus they have to give some effective time to their kids which is useful for the parents and the child.

No books, no questions, no queries, no television and so on, only sharing each-other’s feelings, talking about unnecessary things , laugh, etc. The child should feel that he/she has best friends at home, none other than their own Mother/Father. This is how we had our days in 80’s & 90’s, a stress free habitat, a peaceful aura, we must inculcate in our home and our kids of today also.

I was travelling by train and in the coach I was in, there was a lady who was reading a book and her daughter also was reading a comic book, I was really surprised to view the scene, and I couldn’t resist myself to ask, “how come you are reading books instead of a tab or Mobile in your hands Ma’am”? And the child is also so nicely reading a book as well; she is very obedient to you I think”. The lady smiled at me and said “Thanks Ma’am, but you see the children are usually not obedient but they like to COPY what elders do.”

Very true, it’s a fact, the children are copy cats, they like to do what elders or grownups do, and the above incident does not need any further clarification.

What I want to say is responsibilities are vice-versa, as you are responsible towards your child, they are reciprocal towards you too, no need to always say do this or don’t do this, as we grew up we also did the same.


Teachers of today, I truly would like to request you to come out of your daily routine sometimes,understand the duties and responsilbilities and focus on the children in a different attitude and you will surprisingly observe so many colors and moods in the children, you can then find ways to cultivate them and allow them to find out their unusual talents.

Please establish them for the whole world to know the capabilities of the children.

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  1. Subroto Roy Choudhury

    Excellent article which every guardians of modern days should go through


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